Human cells of different origins have been morphologically transformed by SV40. Among these are cells from newborn kidney (Shein & Enders, 1962), skin and buccal mucosa (Koprowski 1962), embryonic lung (Ashkenazi & Melnick, 1963; Jensen, Koprowski & Pontén, 1963; Moyer, Wallace & Cox, 1964) and adult thyroid tissue (Rabson 1962). This report describes transformation of human embryonic liver cells by SV40.

Cells were prepared from the liver of a human embryo of an estimated three months gestation. After one washing in phosphate buffered saline the liver was minced, trypsinized and seeded in 16 × 150 mm. tubes. The tubes were incubated at 37° in a stationary position. Monolayer cultures were inoculated with 0.1 ml. of undiluted SV40 virus. Cultures were initiated in Eagle's basal medium with Hanks's balanced salt solution (bicarbonate 0.35 g./l.), 10% calf serum, 100 u./ml. penicillin and 100 µg./ml. streptomycin.


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