A group of RNA viruses, echovirus, poliovirus, reovirus, respiratory syncytial virus and Semliki Forest virus have been examined for ability to grow in enucleate African green monkey kidney (BSC1) cells. Semliki Forest virus produced an almost normal yield of virus but poliovirus, echovirus, reovirus and respiratory syncytial virus, although showing clear evidence of virus replication when compared with a nuclear DNA virus (pseudorabies virus) gave much lower yields than those from nucleate cells. Analysis of enucleate cells infected with echovirus and reovirus showed no evidence of a specific block in the synthesis of any virus-specified polypeptide. Infection with vesicular stomatitis virus at intervals after enucleation demonstrated a diminishing ability to support virus growth with increasing time. It is suggested that the yield of virus obtained from an enucleate cell is related to the length of the growth cycle of the virus, the reduced yield obtained with some viruses reflecting the declining ability of the enucleate cell to support virus growth.


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