The effect of superinfection of adenovirus-infected cells with poliovirus in the presence of guanidine (P+G) has been analysed by pulse-labelling of cells with [S]-methionine followed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. The addition of P+G while reducing total polypeptide synthesis selectively inhibits cellular polypeptide synthesis and allows the visualization, particularly early in infection, of other labelled polypeptides previously obscured. Thus, at least three polypeptides i.e. ICSP-3, core-1 and ‘p-core 2’ can be detected in the absence of virus DNA synthesis. The addition of P+G also causes a retardation of the synthesis of the virus-induced polypeptides giving a clear sequence of translation ICSP-3: core-1: p-core 2 → ICSP-1 → hexon → penton base → fibre. Since a similar sequence can be demonstrated by the use of the inhibitor cordycepin, it seems possible that this reflects a sequence of transcription. P+G addition also effectively inhibits the formation of virus particles.


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