The requirement of arginine for the replication of Marek's disease herpes virus (MDHV) was studied in Japanese quail embryo fibroblast cell (QEFC) cultures. Arginine was essential for the replication of MDHV in QEFC cultures. The plaqueforming activity of MDHV was inhibited by omission of arginine from the medium but resumed upon addition of arginine in arginine-deprived infections. The MDHV genome survived in a recoverable form in infected cultures kept in arginine-deprived medium for up to 10 days. Arginine was required around or after 12 h following inoculation. Omission of arginine from the culture medium did not affect virus adsorption, penetration, or the synthesis of virus DNA but did prevent the formation of virus structural protein which was detectable using immunofluorescent antibody techniques.


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