Wild-type poliovirus ( ) rapidly represses synthesis of host cell protein ( character), at permissive (37 °C) or restrictive (39.5 °C) temperatures. A search for mutants that were at 37 °C and at 39.5 °C was successful when gene expression was minimized by adding guanidine, depleting cystine and avoiding very high input multiplicities. Repressor defects were found in six mutants, all of which carry defects solely in structural protein. All of the five mutants tested that were defective in non-structural genes failed to show a repressor defect. The repressor defect was confirmed to lie in structural genes by showing that three out of four independent revertants from a structural protein () mutant were also . Thus repression is dependent on the configuration of a product of the structural protein gene. These findings are discussed in terms of the equestron, a hypothetical poliovirus regulator.


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