Latent virus infections in chickens have been recognized for several years. Many investigators have seen spherical, virus-like particles in normal chicken cell cultures, and have suggested that they might have been the virus of avian lymphomatosis, which occurs frequently without producing disease symptoms and is transmitted trans-ovarially.

Virus-like particles were also observed during the present study of the ultrastructure of primary monolayers from 10-day-old chick embryos cultured in Eagle's (1955) medium supplemented with 3% calf serum. Cultures were prepared according to the method of Dulbecco & Vogt (1954) from a Heisdorf and Nelson hybrid White Leghorn commercial breed of chickens; 56% of the cells had virus-like particles either at their periphery or internally. Pl. 1, fig. 1 shows a group of extracellular particles in a chick embryo culture incubated for 4 days; their mean diameter was 1060 Å (Table 1).


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