The virus of has long been considered a poxvirus (Postlethwaite, 1970) and recent chemical studies support this view (Pirie 1971). However, La Placa, Portolani & Rosa (1967) were unable to demonstrate non-genetic reactivation of heat-inactivated vaccinia virus with molluscum virus in human amnion cells. Since this might have resulted from failure of molluscum virus to adsorb to or to penetrate the cells (Burnett & Neva, 1966; Burnett & Sutton, 1968) or from the rapid development of virus interference, further studies seemed desirable with control of these variables. This report describes studies using mouse embryo cells, in which molluscum virus induces interferon-mediated heterologous interference, and mouse L cells in which it does not (Postlethwaite & Lee, 1970). Monkey pox virus was used as a control reactivating agent since, in preliminary experiments in both cells, it showed markedly impaired plaque production compared with vaccinia virus.


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