The shedding of infective virus by SV40-transformed human cells after recovery from crisis has been described. Girardi & Jensen (1966) observed that one of ten sublines of SV40-transformed human embryonic lung cells released virus. It was shown that a low percentage of cells produced SV40 and continued to do so in the presence of SV40 immune serum. These authors did not establish whether virus production persisted because of the spontaneous release by a few cells or by reinfection of sensitive cells.

Two other lines of SV40-transformed human embryonic lung cells which produced virus spontaneously were studied by Dubbs & Kit (1971). They showed that all clonal lines derived from these parental lines occasionally produced SV40. We have studied virus production by cells of the post-crisis NB-line of human renal cells transformed by wild-type SV40 (Shein 1964).


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