DEAE-dextran has commonly been found to more effectively enhance transfection when mixed with the virus nucleic acid before cell inoculation (mixed-inoculum method) than when it is used to pretreat the cells before inoculation (Pagano & Vaheri, 1965; Bachrach, 1966; Koch, Quintrell & Bishop, 1966; Pagano, McCutchan & Vaheri, 1967; Tovell & Colter, 1967). We have found, however, that the cells are only transiently sensitized to transfection by pretreatment, and that this method, optimally employed, can give much greater enhancement than the mixed-inoculum method. Part of these results have appeared in abstract form (Al-Moslih & Dubes, 1972).

Two picornaviruses were used: the strain of poliovirus type 1 on the eta and kappa (Chapin & Dubes, 1964) and LLC-MK lines of rhesus monkey kidney cells, a line of chimpanzee liver cells (Dr W. V. Hartwell), and the HeLa and KB lines of human carcinoma cells; and a rapid () mutant of the strain of echovirus type 7 on cultures of eta and LLC-MK cells.


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