Poxvirus haemagglutinin has been separated into two components by ether/ethanol extraction and also by column chromatography after treatment with 2-chloroethanol. One component, lipid in nature, carried the haemagglutinating activity. The other, a protein termed the antibody blocking component, carried the virus specificity.

By the use of techniques applied by others to the study of lipoprotein membranes, poxvirus haemagglutinin of high specificity was reconstituted from the two components. The reconstituted material reacted with antibody to haemagglutinin but not with antibody to a non-haemagglutinating poxvirus. Reconstitution did not take place when either of the two components was replaced by fractions prepared from uninfected tissues or from tissues infected with a non-haemagglutinating poxvirus. Mixed haemagglutinins could be prepared from fractions prepared from different tissues or from different haemagglutinating poxviruses.


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