The sedimentation-enumeration method described (Cameron & Bradish, 1972) for quantitative studies of haemagglutination by Semliki Forest virus (SFV) has been used for the quantitative assay of antibody through its activity for combination with virus haemagglutinin.

SFV haemagglutinin was prepared by inoculating the brains of suckling mice with the v13 strain of SFV (Bradish, Allner & Maber, 1971) and treating the harvested brains with fluorocarbon. Studies by gel filtration and equilibrium density gradient centrifugation showed that the haemagglutinin was homogeneous and similar to the infective particle in size and density (Cameron, 1969). Dilutions of a rabbit hyperimmune serum prepared against the specified strain (v13) of SFV (R. B. Fitzgeorge & C. J. Bradish, to be published) were reacted with different dilutions of SFV haemagglutinin in borate buffer (pH 9.0), containing 0.2% (w/v) bovine serum albumin, at room temperature (23 °C) for 30 min.


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