In cells infected with paramyxovirus progeny 50 S RNA seems to be incorporated immediately into the nucleocapsid (Blair & Robinson, 1970). There has been no report of any attempt to estimate the time interval between the synthesis of a molecule of nucleocapsid protein and its incorporation into the structure of the nucleocapsid. In the experiments described in this paper the problem has been approached with the use of a pulse-chase, using protein precursors. The increase of label in the 200 S peak under chase conditions was used as a measure of the rate of nucleocapsid formation.

Stocks of the strain of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) were grown in eggs. Primary chick embryo cell cultures were inoculated as described by Kingsbury (1966), at a multiplicity of 10 to 20 p.f.u./cell and incubated at 37 °C. Lactalbumin hydrolysate (0.5%) in Hanks's balanced salt solution (BSS) was used as maintenance medium.


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