Host cell RNA synthesis and initiation of DNA synthesis are inhibited rapidly after infection with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) (Huang & Wagner, 1965; Yaoi, Mitsui & Amano, 1970; Yaoi & Amano, 1970). Since this shut-off was unaffected by extensive u.v. irradiation of the virus (Huang & Wagner, 1965; Yaoi 1970), it was concluded that proteins or lipids of the infecting virus were responsible for the shut-off of the cellular synthesis of nucleic acids and that the virus genome was not involved. It was of interest, therefore, to determine whether virus components entered cell nuclei, or whether replication of VSV was restricted to the cytoplasm (Yaoi, Amano & Mitsui, 1970). The present paper reports the fate of radioactively labelled VSV, (New Jersey serotype) after infection of cultured chick embryo cells.


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