In two previous papers, Rubio-Huertos (1968), Fujisawa, Rubio-Huertos & Matsui (1971), inclusion bodies induced by carnation etched ring virus (CERV) were studied by light and electron microscopy. The inclusion bodies were composed of a dense matrix and virus particles. They were not limited by membranes and their general appearance, both in the light and electron microscopes, was very similar to that described for cauliflower mosaic virus (CAMV) Rubio (1956), Rubio-Huertos (1968) to which CEMV is serologically related, Hollings & Stone (1969).

In this paper, we describe the formation of these intracellular inclusions, and the presence of CERV virus particles in the nuclei of infected cells.

Several small plants of were inoculated mechanically with crude sap. of infected with CERV. Samples were taken at intervals from the infected plants and fixed and embedded in Durcupan, as described previously, Rubio-Huertos (1968).


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