Potato virus Y (PVY) is the prototype of the potyvirus group (Harrison 1971). The group is characterized by particles of diameter about 15 nm. and a length of 720 to 800 nm. and by the presence of pin-wheel inclusion bodies in infected tissues. Because of their low concentration in infected sap and tendency to aggregate during purification, few viruses of this group have been obtained in sufficient quantity for physical or chemical characterization. Tobacco etch virus (TEV) is the most extensively studied virus of the group. PVY has been recently purified (Delgado-Sanchez & Grogan, 1966; Damirdagh & Shepherd, 1970). Its amino acid composition has been determined and compared with that of TEV (Stace-Smith & Tremaine, 1970). The present investigation was undertaken to determine the molecular size of protein subunits of PVY. A combined method of amino acid analysis and cyanogen bromide cleavage was used for this purpose.


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