Murine leukaemia virus (MuLV) exhibits two kinds of interaction with mouse cells transformed by murine sarcoma virus (MSV) (Bassin, Tuttle & Fischinger, 1970): an apparent cytocidal interaction accompanied by virus replication and the rescue of infectious MSV. It is not known whether the entire virus genome of MuLV is necessary for these interactions, as has been previously observed in the avian sarcoma-leukaemia system (Levinson & Rubin, 1966). In order to measure the relative target sizes of the genetic information responsible, we studied the kinetics of u.v. inactivation of both the replicating ability of MuLV and the ability of this virus to rescue MSV.

The 3T3FL mouse cell line (Bassin 1970), XC cell line (Svoboda, 1960) and S + L - mouse cell line (Bassin 1970) were employed for virus assays.

For irradiation experiments we employed two Moloney leukaemia virus (MLV) stocks: V9-MV, which contained 7 × 10 focus inducing units (f.i.u.)/ml. was purchased from Electro-Nucleonics Laboratories, Inc., Bethesda, Maryland, and IC virus (Fischinger, Moore & O'Connor, 1969) that contained 5 × 10 f.i.u./ml.


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