Divalent cations are necessary for the activity of neuraminidases from certain sources. Burnet & Stone (1947) and Burnet (1948) reported that Ca was necessary for the activity and stability of a crude preparation of neuraminidase from and this was confirmed by Ada, French & Lind (1961) for the purified enzyme. Likewise Warren & Spearing (1960) reported that the activity of a mammalian neuraminidase was enhanced by Ca. However, the isolated neuraminidase of influenza virus showed no dependence upon added Ca until the enzyme was subjected to more stringent desalting on a Sephadex G-200 column (Wilson & Rafelson, 1967); the activity of the enzymes (of A, A and B types) then increased 6-fold when Ca was added. Earlier, Edney (1949) had shown that the enzymic activity of crude preparations of influenza B/ was enhanced about 4-fold by the addition of Ca. In this paper two strains of influenza virus were studied.


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