Virus infection through hyphal anastomoses, the only method reported so far for infecting moulds with double-stranded RNA viruses (Lhoas, 1971) is dependent on the compatibility between the donor strain and the strain to be infected, and is therefore of rather limited use. The new technique described here allows infection with extracellular virus and, although it has been developed with crude virus preparations, preliminary tests suggest that it may be possible to infect using purified virus or even virus RNA.

Protoplasts were prepared from virus-free and morphologically distinct strains susceptible to viruses (Lhoas, 1971): strain 1, obtained from strain 10111, produces white conidia, and strain 2, obtained from strain 91966, produces fawn conidia. The method of protoplast preparation and regeneration was essentially that devised by C. F. Roberts & R. F. Rosenberger (personal communication) for producing protoplasts from .


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