Arginine has been shown to be essential for the replication of vaccinia virus in HeLa cell cultures. The yield of infective virus was dependent upon the concentration of arginine in the medium, maximum yield being obtained with 0.09 m-arginine.

There were marked reductions in the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein in infected and control cultures deprived of arginine. The yield of infective virus from cell cultures infected in the presence of sub-optimal concentrations of arginine was increased following further addition of arginine at a time after the completion of virus DNA synthesis. Arginine has been shown to be incorporated into the virus particle.

It is concluded that there are requirements for arginine demonstrable at both early and late stages in the replication of vaccinia virus in this system. While the early requirement was satisfied by 0.015 m-arginine, later events showed a greater requirement up to a maximum of 0.09 m-arginine.


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