Spermine, oxidized by partially purified serum amine oxidase, inactivated influenza, Newcastle disease and Sendai viruses. The rate of inactivation, determined by assaying the production of haemagglutinins in chick embryos, depended upon the concentration of the drug, temperature, and exposure time. Under appropriate conditions a complete inactivation of all the viruses was observed. Oxidized spermidine was also inhibitory, but at higher concentrations. Completely inactivated Newcastle disease and Sendai viruses agglutinated red blood cells and fused Ehrlich ascites cells. Electron microscopy showed that oxidized spermine had little effect on the integrity of the inactivated viruses. The virucidal activity of oxidized spermine was abolished after reduction with sodium borohydride, implying the importance of aldehyde groups in the inactivation process.


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