There will be a joint meeting of the Society's Virus Group and the Genetical Society at Cambridge on 31 March, 1 and 2 April. The programme is as follows:

Wednesday 31 March. Joint symposium on ‘Functional activity of genetic material’.

J. Gross (Edinburgh). ‘Replication of the genetic material’.

P. H. Hofschneider (Munich). ‘Replication of the genetic material of RNA bacteriophage’.

R. D. Hotchkiss (New York). ‘Genetic heterozygosis transferable by DNA and its relation to recombination mechanisms’.

Joint meeting for contributed papers.

Thursday 1 April. Joint symposium on ‘Genetics of Animal Viruses’.

C. R. Pringle (Glasgow). ‘Mammalian RNA virus genetics’.

C. Scholtissek (Giessen). ‘Studies on the hybridization of Influenza virus RNAs’.

J. H. Subak-Sharpe (Glasgow), ‘Strategy of the virus genome’.

Separate Society meetings for contributed papers.

Friday 2 April. Meeting on ‘The theory and practice of hybrid varieties’.


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