Cultures of monkey kidney tissue frequently exhibit spontaneous degeneration characterized by the formation of multinucleate giant cells which subsequently become vacuolated and assume a foamy appearance. The degeneration has been shown to be caused by a virus (1, 2). We describe the structure of a virus, strain 5, isolated from a batch of rhesus monkey kidney tissue culture which showed spontaneous foamy degeneration which was typical except that it progressed faster and became more wide-spread than is normally observed. On subculture in monkey kidney tissue culture free of foamy agent the usual type of foamy degeneration occurred. The virus was propagated once in rabbit kidney tissue culture and subsequently twelve times in HEp2 cells where it formed syncytia similar to those formed by foamy agent in HeLa cells (1). The cytopathic effect of the virus in HEp2 cells was best seen when cells were trypsinized several days after inoculation and subcultured into fresh tubes.


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