Changing positions of genes on a chromosome is an informative way of learning about why an existing chromosome structure and gene order was selected by evolution in bacteria. In and – genes encoding DNA gyrase – enzyme that introduces negative supercoils in DNA, are located almost at opposite poles of a chromosome. However, in many other bacteria they are arranged in a operon. In order to investigate the significance of this fact, operon was made in by bringing open reading frame and its ribosome binding site directly downstream of and under a control of its regulatory regions, the original copy of was deleted. The strain obtained as a result exhibits no differences from the wild type in growth and morphology, however, the ability to supercoil DNA is altered between and the WT. This is specifically important at conditions mimicking environment inside a macrophage in terms of Mg concentration, as it may suggest alteration of survival inside a macrophage. An attempt to make strain with operon was not successful, as it was not possible to delete the original , suggesting particular importance of its position.

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