The Tick Cell Biobank is the world’s only dedicated culture collection for cell lines derived from ticks and other arthropod vectors. As well as storing and distributing arthropod cell lines and training in their maintenance to UK and international researchers, the Tick Cell Biobank generates novel cell lines from arthropod species and geographic strains not already represented in the collection. Currently, efforts are focussed on European Argas, , , and spp. ticks, and spp. sandflies, spp. biting midges, kissing bugs and tsetse flies. Techniques used previously for ticks and insects are applied or adapted for use with embryonic or larval arthropods to generate primary cell and tissue cultures; these primary cultures are then maintained until significant cell multiplication commences and subculture can be attempted, which may take several years. This approach has yielded new cell lines from the soft tick Argas reflexus, the hard tick , the New World sand fly and the UK midge Culicoides nubeculosus. Most of these novel cell lines are now available for arbovirus research through the Tick Cell Biobank.


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