Introduction: Antibiotic resistance is rising and multi-resistant organisms are readily being identified; therefore fear of mortality rates rising due to infection is becoming a genuine prospect. We sought to measure clinical review post antimicrobial prescription in two acute hospitals in Wales to establish whether review is undertaken at 48-hours and whether likelihood of clinical review taking place depends on C reactive protein (CRP) levels on admission.

Methods: An audit across two hospitals in South Wales assessing compliance of antimicrobial review as recommended by NICE guidelines was undertaken over a three week period. In addition, univariate odds ratios for 48-hour referral stratified by CRP test results (excluding patients with no CRP test) were calculated in a logistic regression model using the high CRP group as the referent. Following initial results intervention (education and prompt stickers) were introduced to prompt 48-hour review.

Results: 139 patients were included in the pre-intervention audit from both sites. 53% were reviewed at 48 hours. Initial interventions demonstrated an improvement in compliance in all CRP categories. In the logistic regression analysis setting the highest CRP group (CRP <=100) as referent showed that the likelihood of a 48 hour review was lower in patients with lower CRP test results, or no CRP test than those with a CRP of >=100.

Conclusion: Patients with low or no CRP on admission are less likely to have their antimicrobial prescriptions reviewed when compared 48 hours. Intervention should continue to be sought to raise awareness of this.

  • This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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