The BioScreening facility based within the Medical School at Newcastle University combines robotics, high throughput reagents and expertise to provide a resource to academics throughout the UK. The facility was created in 2011 using technology within the laboratory of Professor David Lydall and has been run since this date by Dr Peter Banks. The facility caters for a range of microbial organisms but yeast screening has for many years been a core part of the BioScreening Facility. The services offered for yeast screening include genomic screening of deletion, over expression and temperature sensitive collections, protein interaction screening and histone mutant collection screening. Compound screening is also offered in collaboration with the life sciences charity LifeArc. The BioScreening facility offers a fully comprehensive yeast screening service from the initial experiment to final data analysis and presentation if required. However, we also welcome requests for training on robotic systems, high throughput experimental design and analysis and advice on large scale data handling.

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