The eco- friendly improvement of crop yield is a mammoth task that must be tackled in order to meet the ever increasing world population in need of food. Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) are organisms known to increase the growth of plants, by directly or indirectly facilitating crop yield by a number of mechanisms. Vegetables are stable foods rich in numerous vitamins. Low income countries get a balance diet through regular consumption of vegetables like Amaranthus hybridus which is regularly consumed with highly starchy food across the Southern states of Nigeria. This study investigated the effect of different bacterial suspension samples in increasing the growth parameters of Amaranthus hybridus through different plant growth conditions and treatments, determination of rhizospheric and endophytic bacterial colonization, RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis and qRT – PCR analyses, and Microarray hybridization. Bacterization by microorganisms tagged ADK 1, ADK 2, ADK3, ADK4, ADK 5, ADK 6 and ADK 7. The pot trial showed an increase in the growth yield of Plant affected by ADK 5 and ADK 7. A synergistic effect of ADK 5 and ADK 7 did not give an increased yield as each individual effect. An Amaranthus hybridus transcriptome analysis revealed that several genes showed differential expression after inoculated by ADK 7. These genes are implicated in stress response and hormone pathways. Investigations into the bacterization of indigenous vegetables by indigenously isolated bacteria is an eco-friendly agricultural practice to be promoted.

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