MGB-BP-3 (MGB) is a novel synthetic antibiotic inspired by Distamycin – a natural product that is capable of binding to the minor groove of DNA. MGB has a high bactericidal activity against a broad range of Gram-positive bacteria without the toxicity associated with the natural products that it was inspired by. Its oral formulation, developedfor the treatment of Clostridium difficile infections, is currently progressing through a phase 2 clinical trial. This study investigatesthe mode of action of this novel antibiotic. To allow better understanding of MGB’s mode of action, RNA-Seq analysis was undertaken on S. aureus following challenge with 0.5 x MIC (0.1 µg ml) MGB-BP-3. Triplicate samples of RNA were extracted at 10 min after challenge. RNA-Seq analysis identified 698 transcripts showing significant changes in expression profile, which were confirmed by quantitative RT-PCR. Amongst these, 62 essential genes showed transcriptional arrest. Glycolysis, pentose phosphate pathway and the TCA cycle were affected. In addition, biosynthesis of nucleotides and certain amino acids were altered and Biolog phenotype arrays were performed in the presence of MGB to confirm this. DNA binding assays demonstrated MGB binding to intergenic regions upstream of strongly down-regulated essential genes (mraY and dnaD). Attempts to evolve resistance to MGB have so far been unsuccessful unlike with the rifampicin control. In conclusion our findings are consistent with a bactericidal mode of action of MGB at the transcriptional level of multiple essential genes.

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