Tinea pedis is one of the most common superficial skin infections and represents a major public health problem globally. It is common among athletes especially soccer players. This cross sectional prospective study was carried out to determine the degree of occurrence of tinea pedis and the associated risk factors among soccer players.


Eighty subjects with visible lesion of tinea pedis were enrolled for the study after obtaining informed consent and Ethical clearance from the subjects and relevant authorities respectively. A structured questionnaire was administered to the subjects for data on risk factors for infection and demography. The AFSI was used to assess the lesions. Skin scrapings were obtained from lesions for analysis. Samples were subjected to microscopy, culture and physiologic testing.


A total of 52/80 (65.0 %) athlete’s foot infection rate was recorded in the study. Dermatophytes recovery rate was 29/52 (55.8 %) while yeasts and non-dermatophytes moulds’ recovery rate was 23/52 (44.2 %). Subjects with AFSI > 1  had (38.5%) infection rates but there was no significant association between AFSI and athletes’ foot (χ=5.4; P≥0.05). Fungal and bacterial co-infection rate was 42.5 %. Trichophyton meantagrophyte 8 (15.5 %) was the most common dermatophyte while Aspergillus niger 6 (11.5 %) was the most common non-dermatophyte. The highest risk factor of infection transmission among subjects was the use of public gym 28 (35.0 %).


Dermatophytes and non-dermatophytes were associated with the athlete’s foot. The name tinea pedis should be reconsidered. The use of public sports facility may foster infection transmission.

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