The most common cause of acute myocarditis in developed countries is viruses. Bacterial myocarditis is very rare and caused by various bacteria, but only three cases have been reported in the past where was the aetiology. Two out of the three cases reported were in a paediatric population.

Case Presentation:

A 38-year-old female was presenting with chest pain and an increased level of troponins with the EKG (electrocardiogram) showing non-specific T-wave changes. Preceding the chest pain, the patient had gastroenteritis confirmed by stool culture. The patient's cardiac catheterization showed normal findings. Thus a diagnosis of bacterial myocarditis was made. The event resolved after successful treatment of the gastroenteritis with ciprofloxacin.


We are reporting a very rare case of gastroenteritis that resulted in the development of acute myocarditis and was successfully treated with antibiotics.


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