Author forms and templates

Licence forms

We need to have a signed licence form before we are able to publish an article.

Ethical forms

If your article includes any patient information, we require consent for publication. This can be in the form of a letter or a form from your institution, but our template Consent for Publication form is also available.

If you need to change the authorship of your article after submission, we will need the consent of all co-authors. You can provide this either by email, or in our Change of Authorship form.

Article templates

Articles submitted to Microbiology Society journals should be a single file readable by Microsoft Word, using a standard typeface such as Times New Roman or Arial. We have provided three templates, each of which applies to several article types, for your convenience. All Microbiology Society journals have a format-free submission policy for new manuscripts and therefore these templates are not mandatory on initial submission. If you use one of our templates, please remember to delete instructional text in italics prior to submission.

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