Microbial Genomics has partnered with Microreact, a free data visualisation and sharing platform that allows scientists and health professionals worldwide to better collaborate to understand disease outbreaks. Details of this new platform can be found here.

To find out more about how Microreact works, watch this short video by the creators.

Microreact: Open data for genomic epidemiology from Genomic Pathogen Surveillance on Vimeo.

[Credit: microreact.org]

Microbial Genomics is encouraging authors to upload their data files to Microreact, which can then provide interactive querying of the data via trees, maps, timelines and tables, and will be published in Microbial Genomics via a permanent web link. 

Articles from Microbial Genomics that currently have data sets generated by this software are listed in the Microreact collection. Please note that Microreact figures are best viewed in Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers.

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