The exit from dormancy and the start of growth should be preceded or at least accompanied by the uptake of nutrients. In this work we studied changes in the transport of several nutrients into conidia. Germination started with a short period of isodiametric growth (conidial swelling), followed by polarized growth (germ tube formation) after about 8 h at 26 °C. The onset of isodiametric growth required the presence of external both phosphate and nitrate. At the same time, an increased uptake of precursors of macromolecules and phospholipids (C- or H-labelled valine, uracil, -acetylglucosamine and choline) occurred. A low uptake of these precursors was observed also in non-germinating conidia. Concomitantly, this uptake developed an increased sensitivity to the uncoupler 3,3′,4′,5-tetrachlorosalicylanilide. Expression and activity of H-ATPase started after completing isodiametric growth, suggesting that the proton-motive force (PMF) generated by H-ATPase may be an accelerator of nutrient uptake and metabolism. C-valine uptake was also measured into a mutant with disrupted gene. This mutant did not form conidia. The mutant also exhibited uncoupler sensitivity of C-valine uptake. These observations showed that a PMF must have been generated by a mechanism(s) other than the H-ATPase activity in the WT before H-ATPase expression and in mycelia with disrupted H-ATPase.


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