A new strain, named SYF26, was isolated from the Hei He oligotrophic drinking-water reservoir in China. Based on its phenotypic and phylogenetic characteristics, the isolate was identified as a species of genus . Strain SYF26 was able to grow at low NH -N concentrations (5.46 mg l), and the nitrification rate was 0.064 mg NH -N l h. Low accumulation of nitrate and nitrite was observed throughout the ammonium removal experiment. Strain SYF26 reduced NO -N or NO -N. Nitrite reductase and periplasmic nitrate reductase were detectable. The putative nitrogen removal process carried out by the strain SYF26 is as follows: NH →NHOH→NO →NO , then NO →NO →N. Response surface methodology analysis demonstrated that the maximum removal of ammonium occurred under the following conditions: NH -N concentration of 22.05 mg l, C/N ratio of 4.31, initial pH of 7.78 and temperature of 29.73 °C, where initial pH and temperature had the largest influence on ammonium removal.


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