Several species of the genus are human pathogens, notably the tubercle bacillus (). The rate of proliferation of a bacterium is reflected in the rate of ribosome synthesis. This report describes a quantitative analysis of the early stages of the synthesis of ribosomes of . Specifically, the roles of three large operons, namely: the operon (1.7 microns) encoding (16S rRNA), (23S rRNA) and (5S rRNA); the operon (1.93 microns), which encodes 11 ribosomal proteins; and the operon (1.45 microns), which encodes 10 ribosomal proteins. A mathematical framework based on properties of population-average cells was developed to identify the number of transcripts of the and operons needed to maintain exponential growth. The values obtained were supported by RNaseq data. The motif 5′-gcagac-3′ was found close to 5′ end of transcripts of mycobacterial operons, suggesting it may form part of the RpsH feedback binding site because the same motif is present in the ribosome within the region of that forms the binding site for RpsH.


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