is a protist of uncertain taxonomy which mediates growth inhibition in anuran larvae. Cells of were isolated from tadpole faeces and DNA was purified by Qiagen chromatography. Nuclear small-subunit (18S) rDNA (ssu-rDNA) was amplified by PCR using universal primers, cloned, and six clones (two from each of three separate isolates) were sequenced. All clones yielded an essentially identical sequence of 1802 nucleotides. hybridization of fluorescent -specific oligonucleotide probes, designed using the derived 18S rDNA sequence, confirmed that the sequence was indeed from cells and not from other components of tadpole faeces. The sequence was aligned with ssu-rDNA from a range of other eukaryotes, and phylogenetic analyses were carried out using several inference methods. consistently and stably grouped within a novel clade that contains rDNAs from an apparently heterodisperse group of parasitic micro-organisms assigned to the class Ichthyosporea. is evidently misplaced in the genus , and the authors propose its inclusion in a new genus


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