The gene encoding chitin synthase 4 has been isolated using the gene as a probe. The gene contains a 2061 bp open reading frame capable of encoding a protein of 687 amino acids (76053 Da). No intron was observed in the gene. Disruption of in yielded a Calcofluor-resistant phenotype, indicating that Chs4p contributes to chitin biosynthesis. Consistent with this, overexpression of Chs4p under the regulation of the promoter enhanced chitin synthase 3 activity in 7- to 38-fold. In addition, and null mutants were significantly defective in Calcofluor white staining and their chitin content was 10% of that of the parental strain. Chs4p of and showed 61 % identity in the C-terminal half of the proteins and that region of Chs4p complemented the Chs4p function of a mutant of resistant to Calcofluor white. Therefore, it appears that Chs4p is involved in chitin synthase 3 activity by combining with Chs3p to interact synergistically in chitin biosynthesis.


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