Ribonucleotide reductases (RNRs) encoded by (nucleotide reduction) genes are unique enzymes providing the DNA precursors in all living organisms and several viruses. The designation of four classes of RNRs reflects their use of diverse metallo-cofactors. Using oligonucleotide primers derived from conserved domains of the primary structure of known NrdA and NrdE proteins, an internal 938 bp fragment of the gene was amplified from genomic DNA of With this PCR product a 4·36 kb fragment was identified and cloned containing the genes of A probe derived from of allowed the cloning and sequencing of the gene located 3·1 kb further downstream, encoding the small subunit of the RNR. Conjugative introduction of from complemented thermosensitive mutants of which had a defective catalytic subunit of the Mn-RNR. The authors provide arguments for allocation of the NrdEF proteins to class IV in the RNR classification scheme of Stubbe & van der Donk (1995) [ 2, 793-801].


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