The pink disease of pineapple, caused by the bacterium is characterized by a dark coloration on fruit slices after canning. A glucose dehydrogenase (Gdh) encoded by the gene has been implicated in the colour formation activity of In this paper it has been shown that contains a second, homologous gene and its product, GdhB, represents the main source of Gdh activity in this organism. Unlike is constitutively expressed during the exponential phase of growth and is induced in stationary phase. A previously isolated chemical mutant, CMC6, which is deficient in Gdh activity and pink disease formation, failed to express during the stationary phase of growth. The CMC6 mutant can be complemented by a 54 bp DNA fragment located upstream of This fragment, which contains an operator-like 11 bp inverted repeat, strongly enhances the expression of probably by titrating away a negative effector of its expression. These results illustrate the complex interplay operating between the two genes and emphasize the role of glucose metabolism in the pathway leading to pink disease.


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