Thin-layer chromatographic analysis of the polar lipids of strains revealed two glycolipid bands with similar chromatographic mobility to the major glycolipid of strains. In this study the glycolipids from the type strains of and were characterized using GC, GC/MS, fast atom bombardment MS and chemical methods. All strains contained dihexosyl-(-acyl)hexosaminylglucosyl diacylglycerols, related in structure to the major glycolipid of strains but varying in their fatty acylation pattern. The detection of two glycolipid bands by TLC in spp. was attributable to the invariable presence of 2-hydroxyacyl groups -linked to the hexosamine of the polar head group which cause the glycolipids to be more strongly retained on silica TLC plates than 3-hydroxy or non-hydroxylated -acyl glycolipids of similar structure that are also present. contained, in addition to these glyceroglycolipids, several glycolipids which were linked to acylated branched octadecanediols rather than to glycerol. The presence of glycolipids containing 2-hydroxyacyl groups -linked to hexosamine appears to be a stable phenotypic marker that distinguishes the genus from the genus


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