Summary: The authors have examined the response to UV-A irradiation of the UV-A-resistant marine cyanobacterium sp. NKBG 091600, which produces the UV-A-absorbing compound biopterin glucoside. The expression of a 60 kDa protein was markedly induced at 500 min after UV-A irradiation. This protein was identified by N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis as GroEL. Northern blot analysis demonstrated that GroEL synthesis was controlled by UV-A at the transcriptional level. A CIRCE element and a putative SOS consensus sequence were found upstream of the operon, overlapping two putative promoter sequences. Primer extension analysis revealed that transcription in UV-A-induced cells starts from the proximal promoter overlapped by the SOS consensus sequences. This indicates that an SOS response regulation is instrumental in UV-A-induced GroEL expression of sp. NKBG 091600. Furthermore, this UV-A-inducible GroEL may function to upregulate biopterin glucoside biosynthesis, thereby allowing growth under UV-A irradiation.


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