In a previous series of experiments six mAbs were obtained against cell wall extracts of ATCC 26555. After several studies only one of them, designated 3H8, has been used to produce a commercial kit for the rapid diagnosis of candidiasis, Bichro-latex albicans (Fomouze Diagnostics). The present study involved the generation and characterization of this mAb as an immunoglobulin G1 which recognizes mannoproteins of high molecular mass present in the cell wall. ELISA assays showed that the presence of the epitope recognized by mAb 3H8 was similar in both yeast and mycelial cell walls of in contrast to the epitope for mAb 1B12, which is mainly expressed in the yeast cell wall. The 3H8 epitope was located at the external surface in ATCC 26555, whereas it is partially cryptic in the cell wall in other strains. No reaction was observed with other species. Immunohistochemical studies using this antibody demonstrated that it specifically recognized in tissue, detecting mycelial forms and, to a lesser extent, blastospores, suggesting that it is also a valuable tool in the evaluation of fungal infections in paraffin-embedded tissue, particularly when identification is required.


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