The opportunistic pathogen is the genetically stable member of a group of closely related bacteria including the insect pathogen and the mammalian pathogen Physical maps of and strains show considerable variations in discrete parts of the chromosome, suggesting that certain genome regions are more prone to rearrangements. belongs to the same subgroup of species as by both phenotypic and rRNA sequence classification. The analysis of 80 kb of genome sequence sampled from different regions of the ATCC 10987 chromosome is reported. Analysis of the sequence and comparison of the localization of the putative genes with that of orthologues show the following: (1) gene organization is not conserved between and (2) several putative genes are more closely related to genes from other bacteria and archaea than to or may be absent in 168; (3) contains a 155 bp repetitive sequence that is not present in By hybridization, this repeat is present in all and strains so far investigated.


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