By gel retardation experiments with crude cell extracts of it was demonstrated that a protein specifically binds to the promoter of the gene. PCR mutagenesis of the promoter showed that the GAACNGAAC motif is required for the formation of the DNA-protein complex. This protein also binds to the GTTCNGTTC motif, which is present in the promoter of the gene. Mutational analysis of the promoter regions of both and genes indicated that the GAACNGAAC and GTTCNGTTC sequences are required for DNA-damage-mediated induction of these two genes Furthermore, the gene was DNA-damage-inducible when introduced into cells of the phylogenetically related phototrophic bacterium although this inducibility was lost in mutants in the GAACNGAAC motif. These results indicate that possesses the same SOS box as which, in agreement with previous work, is proposed as being the GTTCNGTTC motif.


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