Summary: The bicistronic operon from the enteric pathogen was cloned and sequenced. It consists of two ORFs encoding proteins with molecular masses of 9·5 and 57·9 kDa, which showed a high degree of homology to other bacterial GroES and GroEL proteins. Northern blot analysis suggested that the operon is transcribed as a bicistronic mRNA, and its steady-state level was markedly increased after temperature upshift. By primer extension assay, one potential transcription start point preceding the genes could be demonstrated, and a putative promoter region compatible with both and σconsensus sequences was identified. A conserved inverted repeat, which is believed to be involved in the regulation of the genes, was found between the −10 promoter box and the translation start site. The complete coding region of was fused with pET-22b(+) and expressed in as a His-tagged recombinant protein (rCjHsp60-His). After purification, the protein was recognized by an anti-HSP60 monoclonal antibody. ELISA and Western immunoblotting experiments showed that IgG and IgA antibody responses against rCjHsp60-His were not significantly increased in sera from 24 patients with sporadic infection when compared to sera from 16 healthy controls.


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