Summary: pv. comprises a number of races which fall into two phylogenetically distinct groups (designated I and II). Races are based on cultivar specificity in the host plant, pea (), and are specified by the presence of avirulence genes. The avirulence gene is present on the chromosome of all strains examined in race 2, which belongs to phylogenetic group II. A race 4B strain, from phylogenetic group I, lacks this avirulence gene and a comparative study was made of the chromosome in strains representing these two races. A race 2 cosmid clone (pAV270) carrying was used as a basis for collinearity analysis of races 2 and 4B. A region of the chromosome amounting to 8·5 kb and including was absent from race 4B compared with race 2. A fragment spanning the junction of the discontinuity in race 4B was isolated, cloned and used to delimit the extent of the additional DNA present in race 2. In both races the borders of the discontinuity contained DNA sequences which showed a high degree of conservation. A 7 bp slightly imperfect direct repeat (CCAGCT/AT) flanked the additional DNA in race 2, with a single copy in race 4B. The region flanking the additional DNA was present in all races of pv. These results confirm the phylogenetic groupings in pv.


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