The topological distribution of two epitopes in the cell wall of the kinetics of their incorporation into the regenerating protoplast wall, and the effect of different antibiotics upon their incorporation and localization have been studied. To do so, two monoclonal antibodies that react against an -glycosylated mannoprotein (1B12) and against a 1,6-ß-glucan epitope (JRR1) were used. The results show that the JRR1 epitope is localized in an internal layer of the cell wall, in contrast to the 1B12 epitope, which is superficial, and that the incorporation of the JRR1 epitope into walls of regenerating protoplasts precedes that of the 1B12 epitope. The JRR1 epitope is normally found in the culture medium of control cells, but not in that of papulacandin-B-treated cells, and tunicamycin interferes with the incorporation of the 1B12 epitope into the cell walls. Finally, the results support the hypothesis that mannoproteins are not 1,6-ß-glycosylated before their secretion.


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