A low-fibronectin-binding mutant of strain 879R4SSp generated by transposon Tn918 mutagenesis is attenuated in a rat endocarditis model (J. M. Kuypers & R. A. Proctor, 1989, 57, 2306-2312). PCR and Southern hybridization analysis with primers and probes, respectively, for the and genes of strain 8325-4 showed that strain 879R4SSp possesses a single gene which is homologous to This was confirmed by sequencing 41 bp of 5′ non-coding and 237 bp of 5′ coding DNA, which showed 97% base identity to Southern hybridization and sequencing showed that Tn918 was inserted 41 bp 5′ to in the mutant 879R4SSp/1536, between the promoter and initiation codon. Reduced adherence of the mutant to surface-bound fibronectin correlated with lower expression of a 180 kDa wall-associated fibronectin-binding protein.


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