Transcriptional regulation of the gene, one of the operons forming the rhamnose regulon in was studied by fusing its complete or deleted promoter to the reporter gene Analysis of β-galactosidase activities induced in these constructions grown under different conditions predicted the presence of two putative control elements: one for the RhaS regulatory protein and activating the gene not only by L-rhamnose but also by L-lyxose or L-mannose, the other for cAMP-catabolite repression protein and activating this gene in the absence of glucose. Anaerobiosis increased the promoter function two- to threefold with respect to the aerobic condition. Experiments involving complementation of strains containing the -promoter fusion and carrying a deletion in the and/or genes with plasmids bearing the rhamnose regulatory genes showed that is controlled by a regulatory cascade, in which RhaR induces and the accumulated RhaS directly activates


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