When biomass from submerged culture was filtered (100-120 μn sintered glass filter) the antibiotic yield of the retentate (mean hyphal particle diameter 103 μm) was significantly higher [1.740 mg (mg biomass)] than that of the filtrate [1.286 mg (mg biomass); mean hyphal particle diameter 88 μn]. A hypothesis to explain this is that there is a critical hyphal particle diameter, below which the particle is incapable of producing antibiotic. This would be a consequence of the site of antibiotic production occurring at a fixed distance from the growing hyphal tip. A protocol is proposed for calculation of the hypothetical critical hyphal diameter (88 μm in this case). The proportion of retentate (more productive) fraction of biomass varied between 60% and 30% during the course of a batch culture. Bioreactor stirrer speed significantly affected mean hyphal particle diameter (70 fim at 1500 r.p.m.; 124 μm at 750 r.p.m.) and antibiotic productivity [0.867 mg (mg biomass) at 1500 r.p.m.; 0.913 mg (mg biomass) at 750 r.p.m.].


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